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Friday, October 2, 2009

Congrats Cariocas: Olympics Headed to Rio (Yes We Créu)

I read Michelle Malkin's blog.

Not because I'm looking for any sort of political guidance but because it helps me stay balanced. Too much of the lefty and not any use of the righty makes my forearm muscles too big on one side.

Nasty jokes aside, I want to congratulate Rio for getting their game on with winning the 2016 Olympic bid. Yes, another reason for me to have an excuse to return to the Marv City in addition to the 2014 World cup.

But this recent post by Malkin, only touches on the tip of the sugar loaf.

What's really funny about "Yes We Créu" isn't merely the Obama word-play but the sex at play here.

Admittedly, if there are two things Rio is known for it's probably sex and violence. Which is why I notified the twitterverse of the more known usage of Créu. Soon, my Brazilian homie ReTweeted the message as seen here:

Yes, I am saying that there is a much larger and more plentiful pun going on right beneath the noses of anyone outside of Rio. Créu does literally mean something like "believe" or "can" or "do," however it also means exactly what "do" also means here in the U.S. — to bang.

Not getting the picture?

What about sexify, pork, grind, plug, slam, slide, push or almost all other verbs, any clearer? To "do" someone means to have sex.

So...more vulgarly..."Yes we Créu" can loosely be translated in plain-speak as "Yes we f•ck."

There. Now let's all enjoy Rio's win like we enjoy their insistence on always using the Sugar Loaf at every moment possible — even their winning Olympic logo (see Pelé's pin above)

See you in 2016 (and 2014 and probably sooner than that too).

I leave with MC Créu & accompanying booty, Rio's finest: