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Monday, August 31, 2009

Trazzler Wishlisting Underway: This One's For The Sloths

The word sloth has zig-zagged in and out of this blog since its inception. Eventually both the physical animal and the metaphoric one penetrated my mind state and my writing. All things sloth intensified on February 7th, when I finally had the chance to not only see a sloth but meet one.

Among the many amazing adventures that I had in Brazil, that day ended up leaving the thickest mark on my memory of the country.

#24514 Slouching in Slow-Travel, Sloth Style in Caraíva, Brazil

Nothing says “take it easy” like a hug from a sloth. No matter how easy you have been taking it, it’s simple to find yourself past the point of relaxation in Brazil’s cultural dream state of Bahia. True, you may have spent the last few hours or days in a gentle zephyr of milky sand, soothing ocean suds, and soul-cleansing moqueca (seafood stew) in the petite village of Caraíva—but a state of zen is only attained via sloth. Kept as pets by the indigenous Pataxó tribe, these smiley, three-toed mammals accentuate wooden handicraft outposts on the path back towards reality. Need a hug for the road?

When I stumbled upon Trazzler and their #NYCGO writing contest, it was my duty to that day and that animal to try to relay that experience. After considering the total amount of money, the idea of giving back to the experience came naturally.

So, yes, if I win I will donate exactly half ($5,000) of the grand prize to the World Wild Life foundation's Brazil focus. Of course this will help the sloths but it will also help preserve the area around Caraíva and beyond. I think that is only fair. After all, I will be helping to increase tourism to that area just by publicizing it this heavily.

It's sort of part of a bigger eco-friendly tourism reality that travelers and trazzlers alike will have to start realizing sooner or later. The ease of travel increases and the likelihood of too many visitors adversely effecting a place becomes inevitable. I just want to get a head start. Most travelers can't afford big donations, so I would hope, if I win that this one would be for the team.

Today voting (wishlisting) has begun for the Trazzler.com NYCGO writing contest and my trip is in fourth place out of 204.

For the sloth's sake, my sake and your sake, fellow traveler, let's hope I win.

Click here to vote/wishlist for my trip.

Check out the YouTube Video: Vote Sloth

Let's do it live!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trazzler: The Razzmatazz of Travel Blogging

And by razzmatazz, of course, I mean tiny sweet, tangy strips of gooey bloggy goodness sprinkled with sugary narrative.

But it's the bite-size length of the writing strips that are the site's most delicious feature.

Yes, the twitter of travel writing, Trazzler has its recipe just right. They don't give their writers (although mostly talented) enough room to ramble on and ruin the places they are trying to praise. This rapid fire approach on their mini-blogs (called "trips") forces writers to be concise. This also allows for more writing to be spent on other "trips" in other countries for other readers. It's a double victory.

Maybe, best of all, they don't open the floodgates to any-ole-hack with a keyboard and a passport stamp to write for their site. They have focus, consistency, quality and breadth — and all of these qualities compliment each other to make one hell of a great travel site.

If they play their cards right, maybe I will even lend them my words about my "trips", in Rio and out.

For now, I guess I can just be happy to be a semifinalist in their #NYCGO writing contest with trip #24514 Slouching in Slow-Travel, Sloth Style in Caraíva, Brazil. Sure it was only one of a few hundred Brazilian "trips" I took, but it was one of the fondest — still illuminating the room storing my memories in true saudades-steez.

It's almost been six-months since my six-months in Rio and I'm still writing about it.

Join trazzler and 'wishlist' my trip starting Monday August 31st and maybe, just maybe the site will get the chance to host my trips about the marvelous city.

For all of you loyal Keepin' It Rio readers, still checkin' the site after six months of absence...enjoy the exclusive photos of Caraíva, including bonus Sloth shots. Maybe more to come next week...

Vasco 4 lyfe...I'm out.